Bannerghatta National Park

About Park:
Bannerghatta National Park is situated at a short distance of 22 km from Bangalore city, in the South Indian heritage state of Karnataka. The park is the prime attraction of the garden city – Bangalore, and it barely takes half an hour journey from the city. Set amidst the majestic hilly region, the park is counted amongst one of the richest natural and zoological reserves of the state. The elevation of the park varies from 1245 m to 1634 m, above the sea level. Covering an area of 104.27 sq km Bannerghatta National Park was established in the year of 1978. The park houses rich vegetation and numerous varieties of wild animals. Also a part of the park is converted into a sanctuary, that provides shelter to the rescued wild animals, specially from circuses.

Flora and Fauna:
Spread over a huge area, the national park is enriched with lush green trees and plants, under the shades of these greenery numerous creatures flourish. The park basically contains dense forest and scrub land.The Forest Department of India established a Tiger and Lion Reserve at the park, white tiger is the prime attraction of this reserve.In the park you may encounter everything, from avifauna to several wild animals and even groups of innumerable colorful butterflies. In the park you may see wild mammals such as: tiger, cheetal, wild boar, bison, lion, hyenas, leopard, elephants, zebra, rhinoceros and panthers etc. Also some lucky visitors may see the naughty Chipmunks (American brown squirrel), that are rarely found in India. Also the park is enchanted by the numerous species of local and migratory birds.Attractions of Bannerghatta National Park:The Zoo: There is a zoo inside the national park, which is the main attraction of the place. A small museum in the zoo exhibits you the zoological glimpse. Also the zoo consists a small theater and a reptile park. The zoo is closed on Tuesdays, every week.Butterfly Park: It is the first butterfly park of the country, which was established on 25th November, 2006, by Kapil Sibbal-Union Minister of Science and Technology, India. Spread over an area of 30,000 sq m, the park houses a museum, conservatory and an audio-visual room.

Adventures: The steep slopes, rocky cliffs and thick dense forest areas of the park offer a perfect site for trekking. Except, the park offer several adventure packages of wildlife safari, as long nature walk, short nature walk, elephant ride, zoo safari, zoo+tiger-lion safari, zoo+grand safari etc.Important Informations:
Nearest Town: Bangalore
Best Time to Visit: September to January
Visit Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.